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Skyrocketing in The Designing Career, Why Not?

Elux Space
Published on
August 22, 2022
Table of Contents

What is design?

Ever thought of jumping into the world of design as a career? If not, you may want to look at what the word ‘design’ actually means. Design is a method of designing aesthetic actions that are carried out based on initiatives to change human work, or human needs. By designs, we want to simplify modern innovations in a visually pleasing way. 

To interpret design, a designer needs to go through expertise, experience, and knowledge by forming a creation of artistic appreciation considering the form, meaning, composition, value, and purpose.

Designing the real deal of ‘design’ has different meanings in various fields. Take a look at the different types of designs based on their profession. 

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a form of visual communication, utilizing an image as a medium for delivering a specific message. Graphic design creates a design whose output is an image, usually having the ultimate goal of printing. Photos, illustrations, lines, and writing that are on top of a media are also a form of graphic design that has the aim of organizing and creating visual elements.

Graphic design itself is specialized further into visual identity graphic design, graphic design for marketing and advertising, graphic design for publication purposes, graphic design on the packaging, motion graphic design, and environmental graphic design.

2. UI Designer

Generally, UI design is included in the type of graphic design for marketing and advertising purposes in the form of application or web product. User Interface or commonly said UI is the experience felt by the user to interact with a device or application. An interface must be designed so that the visuals delivered can provide comfort and convenience in the interaction between humans and the application or web product. The following are three forms of UI that are generally developed by a UI Designer.

  • GUIs (Graphical user interface)when the user interacts with a visual form on a digital control, an example is a computer desktop.
  • VUI (Voice-controlled interface) when users interact via voice, for example, smart assistants, namely Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Gesture-based Navigation (3D) for example virtual reality.

3. Interaction Designer

Interaction designing deals with interactive products to encourage how people communicate and interact in work and daily lives. An Interaction Designer is a person who has full responsibility for designing interaction through the user interface or UI in an application system. Interaction design is different from user experience or commonly said UX. Interaction design is more focused on when users interact with products that have the aim of improving an interactive experience for users. 

4. UX Designer

Meanwhile, user experience (UX) has a broader term, namely to form a user experience when using the product. Some elements that are considered in interaction design are aesthetics, sound, movement, and so on. The task and responsibility of a UX Designer himself is to increase user satisfaction with a product or application based on the value of user satisfaction, benefits, and pleasure felt by users of an application or web. A UX Designer must be able to identify problems experienced by users of a product from different POV’s so that it is user-friendly to the public.

5. Product Designer

A product designer is someone who takes responsibility for the user experience of an application or website which is usually associated with the visual aspects and the creation of information. Product designers can determine the target customer and how the customers will use the product. Other than that, product designers are obligated to make the product visually appealing, easier and more convenient for users to use, and create a more affordable version of the product.

6. UX Researcher

The task and role of the UX Researcher is to communicate, empathize, and conduct interviews with users in order to seek for happening problems. A UX researcher is someone who can empathize, can think critically, and is able to organize the correct information related to users. Usually, UX researchers use various methods to find out what problems and opportunities a product has for the user's problem-solving. UX researchers work closely with product managers and designers to continuously evaluate and improve products to suit the needs of users.

7. UX Engineering

Lastly, a UX Engineer's task is to identify the ease of a product before entering into a deeper development stage. The UX Engineer's role is to implement or realize a design into an application form (change the initial form of the design to be used for testing) or turn a design into a prototype that can later be used for testing.

So, which type of designing do you think is challenging enough as a career? Be sure to embrace yourself in a vast world of modern digital business with a career in design :D

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