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We're not just a UI/UX design agency, but artisans of digital emotion. We craft experiences that connect and engage.

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Our clients are the innovative pioneers shaping industries such as AI, social media, agency services, and productivity tools. We partner with forward-thinking companies and startups who are revolutionizing the way we work, connect, and create.

Together, we craft exceptional digital experiences that propel their success and drive meaningful impact in their respective fields.
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We look beyond limitations to spotlight our unique areas of expertise

UI/UX Audit

Optimize your digital presence with our UI/UX audit services. Enhance engagement and conversion rates with valuable insights.
  • Visual design review
  • UX Review
  • User journey review

Visual Design

Ignites your brand's digital presence with our cutting-edge UI/UX design services. Captivate your audience and drive success with captivating visuals and intuitive interfaces.
  • Landing page
  • Website app
  • Dashboard
  • Digital products
  • Design system
  • Icon
  • Component animation
  • Illustration


Unleash your vision with our expert Front-End Developers, seamlessly merging design and code using the latest technology.
  • Webflow / Wordpress development
  • Frontend development
  • Website development
— Portofolio

We believe in getting better every day, no matter how small the improvement

Embarking on our journey as a software development company in 2013, we dedicated ourselves to creating tech solutions that drive change. However, as we evolved, we recognized the immense impact of digital UI/UX design on the user experience and, ultimately, on product success.

Nova Dynamic Media

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Hong Kong




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Landingpage, Dashboard

Annisa AI

This startup is focused on transforming AI copywriting specifically for Thai language. Through advanced language processing and artificial intelligence, they provide businesses with powerful solutions to streamline content creation and effectively engage Thai audience.





After Sell

AfterSell's Shopify upsell app enables brands to enhance their sales by creating a seamless checkout and post-purchase upsell experience. With the ability to boost sales by up to 30%, it empowers businesses to maximize their revenue and deliver a superior customer journey.




Component Animation
— Testimonial

What they said about us from the people we shared experiences with.

“Elux Space successfully designed various of the client's platform pages. The team's UI/UX designs were of high quality. Moreover, they worked very fast to deliver on time, demonstrating good communication skills throughout the project.”
Alpha Chong — CMO Annisa
“ Elux Space successfully improved and completed the project, which satisfied the client's requirements. They were communicative and their effective workflow helped deliver the project within 10 working days.
Anthony Ryan — CEO Hansa
"They did a good job with adjustments and changes to our requests; they finished the job effectively and efficiently."
Amit Jethani — Group COO Multivision Plus

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